Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Article

For this week, I've chosen to highlight an article from April's Ensign rather than a Conference talk. When I read it, I felt the Spirit and knew that the words I was reading were true. The Holy Ghost truly is remarkable and the very fact that the Lord can communicate directly to us through Him is a tremendous gift. I know that if we ever have a question or desire to learn, we have only to ask and search and the Lord will make the truth known to us. We can always trust that He will answer our prayers and that the Spirit will make things known to us.

The article for this week is titled, "What does the Atonement Mean to You?" by Cecil O. Samuelson Jr.

One of the quotes that really meant a lot to me from this article was:
"His Atonement does indeed cover the world and all people from the beginning to the end. Let us not forget, however, that in its comprehensiveness and completeness it is also intensely personal and uniquely crafted to fit perfectly and address perfectly each of our own individual circumstances. The Father and the Son know each of us better than we know ourselves and have prepared an Atonement for us that is fully congruent with our needs, challenges, and possibilities."

What a remarkable promise that is made to each of us! This is just a part of what makes the Atonement so incredible - that it was make for all mankind but that each of us benefit from it individually and personally; that it is so far reaching that every man and woman can enjoy the blessings and promises available because of it but also because each of us is different, the Atonement meets our very own specific needs and challenges. What an incredible blessing!

There is so much to glean from this article that I encourage you to go read it. I would love to tell you everything I thought of it and all I learned from it, but it would be neither conducive to time nor appropriate. Go read it.

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