Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Key to Revelation

Elder Nattress shared this key to revelation with us from Elder David A. Bednar. This is something that really stuck with me and has still been sticking with me all week. Right after Elder Nattress shared this quote, I immediately felt prompted in knowing how I could apply this to my own life. I've followed that prompting all week and already I have felt the spirit stronger in my life.

"The key to receiving [personal] revelation is to 1), Sacrifice, and 2) Make a Covenant."
Elder Nattress, sharing the key to revelation from Elder Bednar
Stake Conference, 10/09

I'm so grateful for inspired counsel from our priesthood leaders and I have a testimony that when they give us a challenge and we follow through with that challenge, our spirituality will be strengthened, our lives and relationships will improve, and our overall happiness will grow.

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