Friday, October 23, 2009

Prophetic Patterns

At Stake Conference, we watched a short clip from the videa, "On the Lord's Errand" about President Thomas S. Monson. We watched the parts of the film where President Monson shares stories of going to conferences and taking time to help one person. One story is that President Monson is in the Pacific Islands {I believe?} attending a conference and he feels impressed to personally shake every child's hand. At first he feels that the time constraints won't allow for such a thing, but then the impression returns and he decides to do it. When he tells the local leader of his desire, the leader is grateful and says that the children were all so excited for an apostle of the Lord to come see them and they were told that if they each prayed very hard that Pres. Monson would greet each of them and shake their hands. By following the impression he received, President Monson answered the childrens' prayers and they learned that the Lord does hear and answer our prayers.
The other story we saw depicted in the film was of President Monson attending a conference somewhere here in the US {I wish I could remember where}. While he was there, the stake president asked Pres. Monson if he would be able to give a little girl who had been plagued with cancer a blessing. Of course he was willing but then decided against it when he learned that the girl and her family were 80 miles away and would be unable to attend any of the conference meetings - the schedule wouldn't allow it. The family of the girl was disappointed, as they had been praying that Elder Monson would be able to give this girl a blessing. Finally, at one point, Elder Monson heard in his mind this scripture, "Suffer the little children to come unto me," and he knew right away that he should go to that girl and give her the asked for priesthood blessing. They changed the conference schedule and he went, praying and fasting with the family to give her the blessing she needed. When he was there, this little girl said, "Oh! Brother Monson, I knew you would come." Only a few days later, the little girl died, but the family felt peace in her blessing and knowing that their prayers had been answered.

From these two stories, we learned about some Prophetic Patterns that help us to receive revelation:
  1. We must be willing to change plans and follow the spirit when it prompts us to do something
  2. Follow the spirit explicitly
  3. Trust in the Lord
  4. Be willing to serve {which begins in the home}
  5. Sacrifice for the one, as the Savior did in His ministry
  6. Fast and pray for what is desired
  7. Preparation of the Spirit - always be prepared for what is prompted
  8. Understand and apply the voice of the spirit {in {Presdent Monson's case, this was understanding the scripture that came to his mind}
  9. Be Perfectly obedient in following the counsel of our leaders
  10. Accept the will of the Lord - always be on he Lord's errand
These ten things seem like a lot, but I believe that the last one encompasses them all. If we are on the Lord's errand, we will follow Him, trust Him, do as we are asked, and prepare ourselves for what the spirit prompts us.

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